Behind the series {Heart Marks the Spot}

New York City Art Map Print

I. Love. Travel.  I love vacations, road trips, camping adventures, day trips, you name it.  I really love it all.  I could go across the country, or a couple of hours down the road and be in complete contentment.  While I am usually up for anything… I certainly have my favorites.  You know, those places that you will always hold near and dear; that will always have a little piece of your heart.

Makena Cove Maui Map Print
Maui’d 2010


You see, little map dots, mean the world to me (see what I did there ;).  I certainly haven’t visited as many as I would like, and I have only lived in two (!), but I treasure them all.  I could literally spend hours on Google maps, looking at places that I have been, or places that I would like to visit, you know… “someday” (when I have all the time and all the monies).  I’m pretty sure that day is just around the corner, right??  It is even a million times cooler now that Google cars have come into play.  I mean you can actually click into nearly any populated town/city, anywhere in the world, and virtually walk down the street.  I mean seriously… how cool is that?!?  Boardwalk in Nice, France anyone? Let’s go! …because Topher Grace was right. Heaven IS just a mouse click away… well, pretty close anyways. (And if you know that movie reference, you are the ultimate in chick flick coolness).  So, does anybody else do this?!? Virtual travel via Google maps? No, just me?? Okay.

Olympic National Park Art Print Map

To me, the world is like a treasure map, and each little destination a unique piece of treasure.  Heart Marks the Spot came to be with this idea in mind.  A little heart to mark the spot on your own personal treasure map.  This could be anywhere and mean anything to you.  It could be where you have lived your whole life, or that sweet home town that you grew up in but had to leave behind.  It could be those fun filled days of college where you learned so much about yourself and the world, grew into the person you are today, and made that ultimate transition into adulthood.  Maybe it’s the spot where you asked your best friend to be your best friend forever, where you later made that official and got married, where you went off and had the honeymoon of a lifetime, or where your new married life digs is located.  Maybe you travel or move often.  Maybe its a treasury of adventures, a wish list of destinations, or a collection of military bases you’ve called home.  That’s the great thing about this piece,  you can make it anywhere that you hold near and dear to your heart, for any reason. …and display as many as your wall will allow 🙂

So what is your all time favorite map dot and why?  Can you narrow it down to just one?  Let me know in the comments below, I would love to see your favorite destinations!

…okay, I’m really just creating an itinerary- so thanks for the help. 👌🏼

Hugs forever! -Jami

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