Let’s get Personal

We offer Heart Marks the Spot prints for major cities and destinations all over the world!  Want something meaningful to you? Don’t worry, because we can get personal.

Custom Map Prints
Any City, Any Where…

You can request a print for any city, anywhere in the world.  Maybe your special place isn’t even a city…?? We’ve got you covered.  We will utilize google maps to make sure that pin gets placed right in that special non-dot spot. The super great thing about custom prints is not only do you get that special small town or place, but you also get to pick the marker of your choice!  That means you can choose any color of heart (or maybe a flag is more you style) for me to photograph with the city/place of your choosing.

The downside to custom orders is that they do take a bit longer to get into your hands, and patience will be a virtue for you in this case.  I know it is SO hard to have patience, when you have just ordered something and you are super excited to open your mailbox to find it snugly nestled inside.  But I promise the personalization & meaningfulness will be worth it.

Crieff, Scotland map

To ensure that your purchase is perfect, professional, and long lasting we utilize a third party processing lab for all of our prints.  I will photograph your print and send you a proof via Etsy Convos in 24-48 hours.  Once approved, it will be sent off to the lab.  Once your item arrives back in my hands, I will package it up and send it your way!  I will do my best to communicate with you as your piece makes it’s way through the different processing stages, and certainly let you know if there are any delays. Custom orders generally take around 2 weeks to ship.

Ready to ship to you!

I am super excited to work with you and see those custom orders come in.  Can’t wait to see the places that you hold near and dear to your heart.

…and always, always message me if you have any questions!

Hugs forever! -Jami

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