Behind the series {Celebration Love}

How many times have you paid to have photos taken… engagement, wedding, family, holiday, pregnancy, newborn, etc… to only display a few?  You send your favorite ones off to print (which is the hardest decision ever btw), throw them up in a small handful of frames, and the rest get thrown into the computer folder abyss to be looked at once in a blue moon.

What about that awesome vacation you went on?  That honeymoon, babymoon, road trip, camping adventure kind of vacation…  How many of those got displayed?  Or did they end up in a photo album set aside (do people still do that), or get thrown into another computer folder abyss with the intentions that you will be making that cute Shutterfly or Chatbook album… you know… soon.


It is crazy the number of pictures that we take these days, with very few of them actually being displayed in our homes, for our own enjoyment.  I love sharing cute snaps with my family, friends, and followers on social media, but I also want to see some of them in my daily life!  My grandpa has always had a fond love of pictures.  He has huge (and I mean huge) bulletin boards (yes boards– multiple, huge boards) filled with random pictures from what seems like the beginning of time.  Sometimes it might seem like the board of shame when you glance at it and see yourself with that 80s hair do or 90s oversized flannel shirt on, but then you realize that it’s not about you, it’s about him.  Those pictures are meaningful.  They are full of fond memories of days and adventures gone by, and he loves every single one of them.  I need more of that in my life.

So I thought what if there was a way where I could make it so that you didn’t have to choose, or narrow it down quite so much.  A quick, cute little way to display more of your favorites.


In our entry way, is a long piece of fence board with  string strung across and some of my most favorite, random instax photos clipped on.  I love having this display right in my entryway where everybody can see, it was so easy to create, plus I can easily rotate out pictures. Taking all of these thoughts and ideas into consideration, that’s when I came up with the series Celebration Love.


I want you to take those momentous celebrations and epic adventures and put them on display!  Hang them up for you and the rest of your world to see.  I know that when I surround my environment with fun memories, it inspires me to get out there and make MORE fun memories.


The five “Celebration Love” series released to the shop include Wedding Love, Baby LoveCollege Love, Festival Love and Vacation Love.  There will also be a Custom Love for any type of celebration that you want to highlight that doesn’t fall into one of these  direct categories.

With this package you receive 15 mini 3×3 prints, 1 print being a mini Heart Marks the Spot map print (for you to show where this epic celebration took place), and 14 of your own personal photos sent to me digitally and made mini (everything is so cute when it is mini, am I right?!).  These will be bundled together in a muslin storage bag along with a piece of string and 15 mini clothespins (glittered for when you’re feeling fancy, or classic for when you are feeling that clean, simplistic vibe).  You decide from there where and exactly how to display your instant, personalized art.  You can check out my Photo Wall Inspiration board on Pinterest for some unique and fun ideas.

I make the piece, you make it yours.
Tell me, do you have difficulties getting photos up and displayed in your home?  If you have a display system in place I would love to see it!  Tag or DM me on Insta @47andpine so that I can be even more inspired.

-Hugs for ever!


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