That time we lived it up on the lake…


For the past couple of years now we have headed over the mountains to the Sun Lakes area of Washington for Memorial Day weekend. Our friends’ family has a big camping reunion there every year and we are so thankful that they let us crash in on the fun.

We headed out early Friday morning hoping to beat the Memorial Day rush and thankfully we did.

Our traditional “on the road” family pic. Some day you’ll be able to see Jase too.

We drove for a couple of hours and stopped at a rest stop about half way. It felt good to get out and stretch the legs and throw antsy, excited kiddos in the truck bed to get out some much needed energy!

After a couple more hours we finally arrived to our sunny destination.


Below are a few of the highlights of our very warm (upper 90s) vacay on the lake!

Lake Life

The number one, all encompassing, activities of our weekend revolve around the lake. Boating, fishing, tubing…


We love just taking the boat out for rides on the lake.

It is SO beautiful and peaceful and of course relaxing. So much so, it puts this one right to sleep, and that’s always a win!

Don’t worry… we’re still tied up to the dock.

Love this guy and the joy in his eyes when he is in his outdoorsy elements.

He was also eaten alive by mosquitos all weekend…


Look at that face. This kid and his fishing pole… 24/7. He would sleep with it if I let him, and if he doesn’t have it with him, I’m sure he’s found something that he is pretending is one.


These two best buds love getting on the tube together. …but not too fast. 😏

Jase even got his first (very slow) tube ride at 20 months. He loved it- but he loves water- ANYTHING to do with water.

Jase’s first tube ride!


That Dam tour

Last year we had really wanted to do the laser light show at the Grand Coulee Dam, but just couldn’t keep the boys awake long enough. This year was going to be the year… except it wasn’t. …and we tried twice! The first night we drove to where we could get enough reception to call and see if there was any room left on the tours- there wasn’t. So we stopped at Dry Falls instead for some awesome views and ice cream treats.

He is always on the search for wild life. …and it was our lucky day because he spotted some deer down below.

Sleepy hair, don’t care…

…documenting, that at one point in life, they loved each other so much that they willingly shared ice cream. 😍☺️


The second time we left earlier in the afternoon with plenty of time to arrive before the last tour, except by the time we got there (an hour or so away) the tour was once again full. On top of that, the laser light show was broken. 😐. Talk about a double loss. So here is the extent of that Dam trip… 😆

Grand Coulee Dam

Bike Rides & Walks

We love our morning walks along the lake. There is a long road that stretches along one lake to the other and it is completely closed off to cars. We love walking and riding bikes along here. The views of the lake are so pretty and of course we can’t forget about the playground at the other end. I knew this was going to be the perfect spot to get this guy from balance bike to two wheels, and it was! 🙌🏼


After an unseasonably long, dreary, wet winter/spring, this desert getaway was just what we needed!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Sun Lakes, WA

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